KTB architecture project manage our own designs on site to achieve completion of projects which are within an agreed programme and budget. Our Design team works in conjunction with engineers, quantity surveyors and services consultants providing a complete package from inception through to completion in order to deliver the best proposal in terms of design, quality and costs.

Our Services:

·         Sketch design

·         Feasibilities

·         New projects

·         Restoration

·         Planning applications

·         Listed building consent

·         Masterplans

·         Interior design

·         Project management

We would be happy to meet and discuss first ideas on your project, with the assurance that our proposals will spark your interest to consolidate your commission with KTB architecture.

Finding a good architect:

A good Architect will be able to take your design idea and make sure it is translated into a practical project. They will provide an invaluable link between you and your builder, and they will be able to add the creative spark needed to make a building more than just a functional space. They will be able to give you a new insight into the best use of materials, and also any environmental considerations from using them. They will show you the best use of your available space and how to use light to enhance this. In many cases they will also be able to help you with legislative issues surrounding your project, such as planning permission and building regulations.

When looking for a suitable Company or Individual to carry out your work, it is important to compile a checklist of things to consider. For example the size of the company you would prefer to work with, their location and areas of expertise. You can then prepare an overview, or 'brief', of the work you need carrying out for discussion with your chosen Company or individual. This will help you both to understand what the requirement is, and may help prevent any misunderstandings at a later stage. Your chosen supplier will be able to help you consider what you want out of the project and how your requirements are likely to change in the future.  You will also need to consider the requirements of the local planning authorities, possible limitations of the existing building or site, and other regulatory requirements.  Historic buildings will also have further requirements and permissions that will need to be taken into consideration. As well as discussing your requirement and your options in detail and producing drawings, your chosen supplier may also be able to help you with planning applications, party wall issues, and sourcing builders and contractors to undertake the work.  Some suppliers will also provide management services to oversee the whole project if required.